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Musical Notes
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String Quartet


Got your instrument tuned up? Great! Now, what about you? Get your musical juices flowing with our app! With an expanded range of keys and a slick, user-friendly interface, your improvisation sessions just got a lot more exciting. Our app serves you sustained drones on a silver platter, helping you hit the right notes even on days when you'd swear your instrument is playing tricks on you. Whether you're a musical maestro or a beginner who still gets surprised by your own solos, we've got you covered. Dive in now to turn your practice sessions into tear-jerking, applause-worthy performances!


DroneTones' Story

In a twist of "flight and fancy," Dr. Nolan Keys, a military doctor with more time on his hands than notes on his cello, found himself "conducting" an orchestra of drones. In an unlikely duet between technology and tradition, he discovered that the buzzing drones made the perfect "pitch," creating a symphony that was a real "buzz-kill" for the surrounding chaos. This led to the creation of "DroneTones," where he could "propel" his passion onto a platform, transforming the humdrum buzz of drones into a captivating symphony. Today, his pastime has "taken off," helping users find a slice of tranquility amid life's "tur-buzz-lence." All thanks to a doctor who could "pull strings," a cello, and a drone that knew how to "drone on" in the right key.



Here to Make Your Musical Experience Enjoyable

Cello 3


Why DroneTones, you ask? Well, other apps may hit some of the right notes, but only DroneTones can carry a tune! Our app doesn't just play the part, it sets the stage for your epic musical journey. From practicing scales to improvising solos, DroneTones keeps you in tune and on key. Plus, we're not just about the bass-ics, we go above and beyond, because in this musical arena, we don't just play... we orchestrate!

  1. What is DroneTones?
    DroneTones is a unique musical app that helps you practice and improvise on your chosen instrument by playing musical drones in various keys.

  2. How does DroneTones work?
    Choose the drone you want to play, select a key, and start practicing or improvising. The continuous drone will provide a musical backdrop for your practice.

  3. Which musical instruments can I use with DroneTones?
    You can use DroneTones with any musical instrument! Whether you play guitar, piano, violin, or any other instrument, DroneTones is a great tool for practicing scales, improvising, or just exploring new musical ideas.

  4. Can I adjust the volume of the drone?
    Yes, you can adjust the volume of the drone to suit your needs using the volume control in the app.

  5. Can I change the key of the drone?
    Yes, DroneTones allows you to select from a variety of keys to suit your musical practice.

  6. Does DroneTones require an internet connection?
    DroneTones is available for use both online and offline for your convenience.

  7. Are there any in-app purchases in DroneTones?
    DroneTones is a free app and currently does not have any in-app purchases.

  8. Does DroneTones collect any personal data?
    We take your privacy seriously. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information on data collection and use.

  9. I have a suggestion/feedback for DroneTones. How can I share it?
    We love hearing from our users! You can share your feedback or suggestions via the 'Provide Feedback' button in the app, or by emailing us at

  10. I'm facing issues with the app. How can I get help?
    We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble. You can contact our support team at


You'll hear from us soon!

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