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Posting the first Post at my new Post, Post-COVID

"Those who idle are idols to the idyllic mind: slow is smooth, smooth is fast."

- Inarius

I drive into the my work from what seems to be another country (my commute is an hour on a good day), I had a itch in the back of the my mind that I finally decided to scratch: why not continue with my endeavors of a blog? This epiphany surfaced from the realization that my profound thoughts during these commutes need a home with a warm fire and good company (hopefully you!). I decided to activate the real-estate license I never had and employed a fellow colleague to erect this obelisk that is known as IdyllMind.

Unfortunately it would be a two week delay as we transition from WordPress to Wix since the domain space had been infected with viruses as a result of my negligence of updating it over the years. Fear not! For I have ripped out the covert operatives, acknowledged and deleted a pornbot's offer, and alas, my website re-emerged its head from the baptized river of Wix, anew.

Won't you join me to see where this river of Idyll-ing takes us?

Grab a paddle.


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